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Original Meizu HiFi DAC Headphone Amplifier


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Quick overview

Weigh just 4 grams, light and portable.
Connect to the USB Type-C port, you can listen to Hi-Fi audio using your current wired headphones.
With a built-in Cirrus Logic CS43131 DAC for 32bit/384KHz audio.
Have an impedance of up to 600Ω.
Work with Android, Windows, and Mac OS.
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Meizu HiFi DAC Headphone Amplifier is CS43131 chip.
Meizu HiFi DAC Headphone Amplifier PRO is CS43131 DAC chip, equipped with two professional TI OPA1622 second-level op amps, with Hi-Res high resolution sound quality Certification.

Original Meizu HiFi DAC Headphone Amplifier
Original Meizu HiFi DAC Headphone Amplifier
Original Meizu HiFi DAC Headphone Amplifier
Original Meizu HiFi DAC Headphone Amplifier
Original Meizu HiFi DAC Headphone Amplifier
Original Meizu HiFi DAC Headphone Amplifier

1. Compatible with most USB Type-C devices. Compatibility may vary due to device system or hardware.
2. No built-in microphone. Support most wire headphones with Mic and  Remote.
3. No built-in battery. Power from USB interface, with low power consumption. Actual power consumption is related to the way of use and mobile phone model.
4. The above data are average values of Meizu lab tests.
Meizu HiFi DAC Headphone Amplifier currently supports Android, iOS, (Mac)OS, Windows10, and the calling function relies on the connected headphones. However, some old models of Type-C interface do not support the limitation of the call function. The Meizu HIFI DAC Headphone Amplifier can not be connected to the 3.5mm earphone with microphone. (*The mobile phone before Meizu 15 does not support this Hi-Fi. Decoding the amplifier to make a call) can support the remote control function of the headset. However, due to the different effects of different player definitions, the player may respond differently to the up and down curve control, or the up and down songs may not be used normally. Supports devices with USB Type-C digital audio output and supports American standard 3.5mm headphones. 
The Meizu HiFi DAC headphone amplifier is automatically connected to the Windows 10 computer or Mac computer and can be used directly.
To set high sound quality (such as DSD format), it is recommended to use the following combination on your computer:
1. system: MacOS 10.11 + player: Audirvana Plus 3.2.4,
2. system: Windows10 + player: Foobar2000 or TuneBrowser.
* Does not support playback of DSD format on mobile phones.

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Brand: Meizu
Name: HiFi DAC Headphone Amplifier
Frequency range: 20Hz-40KHz
Interface Type: Type-C
PCM decoding capability: 32bit / 384kHz
DSD decoding capability: DSD64/DSD128
Signal to noise ratio: /SNR >120dB
Dynamic range: /DNR >120dB
Distortion: /THD+N <0.0003%
Frequency response: /FR 20Hz ~ 40kHz
Output load: 16Ω ~ 600Ω adaptive
Other parameters
Chip: Cirrus Logic CS43131
Voltage and current
Output power: 30mW dual channel @32Ω
6.7mW dual channel @600Ω
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