Shipping Methods Tracking Link Delivery Time
DHL 4-7 Working days
Europe Express 7-10 Working days 
DHL Global Mail 8-20 Working days 
China Post 15-30 Working days
Free Shipping   20-45 Working days

How much is shipping and delivery?

Once you've provided the delivery address and chosen a shipping method, the costs will be calculated and shown on screen.
You don't need to complete the order just yet, as there are still a few more details that need to be entered before the order is finalised.

When should my order arrive?

Usually, from the day your order ships, you can expect to be showing off your new hand-crafted purchase in around 3-15 business days.
We also offer an express shipping option during the checkout process for some orders. Our shipping partners advertise express delivery in 3-7 business days.
It's important to note that in some countries, you may need to allow an additional 4-5 days for your local customs.

Who will deliver my order?

We use these shipment service for ship your package for now:
Registered Air Mail - This shipping method is air mail with tracking number.
Hong-kong Registered Air Mail.
SingaporePost Registered Air MAil
Express Shipping (EMS/DHL/UPS/Fedex)
Express shipping service is the fastest available, 5-10 days to any country worldwide. Express shipping cost is base on your order quantity and destination. Normally, Shipment would be sent out via DHL, but should your address is Remote Area List of DHL, We will change to UPS, Fedex,Or EMS.

Estimate Total Delivery Time

Total Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time
Processing Time: All orders would be sent out from warehouse within 24 hours via payment terms of Western Union, Money Gram, Banking transfer. Within 48 hours via PayPal.
Shipping Time:
Registered Air Mail
Shipping Time
United States: 8-12 working days
United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland,Japan: 10-15 working days
Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greek, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Austria, and other west Europecountries: 12-20 working days
Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey, Ukraine, India, Poland, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other East Europe countries, other Middle East, Asia, South American countries: 20-30 working days
Please Note:
- Please don't select Registered Air Mail when you order a item as birthday gift or other festival gift, because sometimes, a few package maybe will be delay because of post busy delivery. The expedited shipping will be faster.
- For some high % will lost airmail package country we not offer Airmail ship service. If buyer insist on for use registed airmail service for high cost product we have right to refund buyer ask pay again only by accept Westernuion Moneygram BankTT payment for order.
Express Shipping (EMS/DHL/UPS/Fedex)
United States: 3-5 days
Other countries: 4-6 days

What if my order is later than expected?

If your order hasn't reached you within 15 business days, the best first step is to contact your local post office in case they are holding the package for you. You'd be surprised how often this is the case!
You can check on the progress of your order up until it gets shipped over here.
If you feel that your order is taking much longer than it should, you've allowed a reasonable time for your local customs to peek at your awesome new stuff, and your local post office was not able to help, contact us and we'll see what we can do. When contacting us, please let us know your order number and the full correct delivery address so we can help you as soon as possible.

A tracking number was received, but tracking information is unavailable.

When an order is shipped using a trackable service, tracking information for deliveries will generally be available within 1-3 days, however sometimes it may take a shipping partner a little longer.
If tracking information has not appeared after 5 business days, please contact us.

The tracking information hasn't been updated. Is the order stuck?

A number of shipping partners update tracking information when a package is received at each stage of the delivery path.
Generally, the package is still on the way, just waiting to be scanned at the next sorting facility.

Taxes on imported goods.

At, we don't add taxes, VAT, or other hidden charges to the price of your order. You pay what you see on the checkout page, i.e. the subtotal of your items + the shipping cost.

We are a Chinese company happily serving customers all over the world. Therefore anything you buy from us is going to be imported into your country and, in some cases, may be subject to customs or import duties on delivery. Recipients are responsible for any additional charges for customs clearance. has no control over the imposition of these customs or import duties and cannot predict what (if any) duties there will be.

If customs or import duties are levied, you are responsible for paying them to receive your package. Because customs policies vary widely from country to country, if you have concerns about the potential that you will face customs or import duties, please contact your local post office or shipping carrier.

We are required to write the lower value on all customs forms. If you believe we could help you avoid or minimize import taxes/duties, contact Customer Service to make a request and we will do what we can to assist you. However, as the receiver, you are still responsible for import taxes/duties, and we cannot promise that you won't be charged on receipt.

Expedited Shipping To Europe by Eu-Express

To save customers’ money and time to get really affordable product from China, we shipp  to European countries by Eu Express shipping method Shipping efficiency:7-11 business Days

Disbutes over the DHL Global Mail

For clients who choose the DHL Global Mail, we will not always arrange the delivery by DHL. Global Mail. We would choose the delivery according todifferent countries and regions to save time so that you can receive your goods earlier. Take US as an example, we will first apply EUB for delivery where EUB is available. Because EUB is faster than DHL Global Mail in US. We arrange delivery by HongKong Post, China Air Mail Post or Sing Post for countriesand regions in South Asia, and Royal Mail for English clients. NL Post is used sometimes used for some European countries.

What about customs?

As customs rules in various countries can frequently change, this can cause delays, and at times additional charges imposed by the receiving country. While we take all reasonable steps to comply with general world shipping standards, Meizuworld may not know the details of additional customs taxes or duties, or if any specific item was prohibited or confiscated by the receiving country.
It is recommended that you investigate the relevant local laws in your country.

Note :Meizuworld won't responsible for any additional customs taxes or duties.

Where will my order be sent from?

What to do if you are charged duty or customs taxes

1 - Please pay the requested amount, if you're able.
2 - Take a photo of the receipt, clearly showing the amount, and that it has been paid.
3 - Send us that picture together with your order number in a new support request here.

Once we have received all of the above information, we'll get back to you within a day or two.
We're sorry that this happened, and we don't like it either - but we're always here to make things right for you.
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