MEIZU POP True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Meizu Technology Co.Ltd has launched new sets of wireless earphones . The earphone is named as Meizu POP True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones .

MEIZU POP True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

The MEIZU POP True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones sport touch-sensitive controls to let users play, pause, or change songs with one tap. Users can also answer or reject calls or wake the voice assistant on devices running Flyme 7.0 by using the available touch-sensitive controls. The earphones have Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and come with an IPX5 rating that resists sweats.

MEIZU POP True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Similar to AirPods and Gear IconX, the MEIZU POP True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones are cord-free accessories with water-resistant earbuds body that weighs about 5.8g. The MEIZU POP True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones connects via Bluetooth and comes with touch-sensitive controls with which you can answer/reject calls, pause, play, change songs, or even wake the Meizu Voice Assistant on supported devices.

MEIZU POP True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones


Wireless earphones + Wireless charging

We present the first wireless Meizu Bluetooth earphones especially designed for sport and exercise with dual wireless design. With no wires for a tangle-free experience, the set comes with a charging box for storage and wireless charging, delivering extreme simplicity and convenience.

Exercise whenever you want without worrying about sweat

The ergonomically crafted in-ear earphones fit perfectly in your ears and won't fall out even during heavy exercise such as running and weight training. Various earphone sleeves and buds are provided so you can pick and choose based on what you need.
POP has a waterproof rating of IPX5 and is resistant to sweat and rain.

5.8g compact structure

Lightness counts! Compact form counts! Each earphone weighs only 5.8g, which is lighter than a coin. The smooth, round body comfortably fixes in your ear for extended periods of time.

Using touch controls to make your ears ease

By using touch controls instead of physical buttons, POP avoids the noise of pushing a button interfering with the call and reduces the pressure on the ear canal.
*To wake up the voice assistant with POP, you need Flyme or later. Functionality may vary with other mobile phone brands.

Stereo sound for a pure experience

Meizu POP offers crystal clear stereo sound, with audio data transmitted to both earphones. The sealed structure of the integrated microphone cavity and noise reduction technologies reduce background noise and echo, making the conversation effect as clear as face-to-face communication.

Graphene diaphragm for balanced tri-frequency

Sound quality is the soul of any earphones. Meizu POP adopts a φ6.0 mm Hi-Fi dynamic graphene diaphragm that provides extended low frequency, powerful sound and balanced tri-frequency. The front cavity employs an air-pressure balance design to minimize pressure in the ear canal for maximum comfort.

Open-to-connect for convenient charging

The earphone box integrates storage and charging and supports smart on/off using magnetic induction. The earphones automatically start when you take them out of the box, and automatically switch off and start charging when you put them back in the box. A Bluetooth device can be automatically paired when the earphones start up, so you can listen to music straight away.

Wireless charging for all-day use

MEIZU POP True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

The POP earphone box features a USB Type-C charging interface that’s compatible with all mainstream wireless chargers for easy charging. A pair of fully charged earphones can operate for 3 hours continuously, plus an extra 12-hour capacity provided by the earphone box – more than you need for all-day use.