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Today, many people are surprised to receive a New Year gift box from MEIZU - a minimalistic desktop storage set.
meizu news

For a long time, MEIZU is probably the technology company that knows best how to communicate product value and brand meaning through invitations, gifts, and more. This set of New Year gift box with "use value" and "symbol value", in addition to expressing full sincerity with warm blessings, is also likely to imply that MEIZU's determination for "All in 5G" in the new year and conveys MEIZU's belief in "abandoning clutter and reconstructing order" on products.

Brand's life comes from use value
Competition in the technology industry is fierce in 2019. What kind of products and brands can attract users better? The "gift" provides a cutout to answer this question. A good product and brand, like a valuable gift, often have these three common characteristics:
1) It has a consistent aesthetic and tone, and the brand is more recognizable;
2) Meet the actual needs of consumers and talk with consumers directly.
3) Use values and temperature to resonate with users.
The new year's gift of the desktop storage set sent by MEIZU this time just shows the above three points.
meizu news

Persevering brand character
"MEIZU Design", this design concept and brand personality has always been A big label that MEIZU sticks to. What exactly is "MEIZU Design"? Generally speaking, it is MEIZU that has always led the trend of the mobile phone industry with its unique style in terms of design, interaction,brand and ecology.

At the "2019 CMC Swan Award" award ceremony in November 2019, MEIZU16s Pro won the "Best Aesthetic Design Mobile Phone Award", which was hailed as "the highest award in China's mobile phone industry". This award is another proof that MEIZU mobile phones have been adhering to the "MEIZUDesign" design philosophy for ten years. It also can be seen from the design details of this year's New Year gift box that the simple shape and the original color of concrete are also a reflection of "MEIZU Design".

The formation of brand personality is often the accumulation of numerous product details and creativity. From the products that MEIZU designed in the past to the gifts for the New Year, MEIZUinsisted on this brand character for ten years, which has made MEIZU highly recognizable in the unpredictable mobile phone industry.
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Practicality of the product
A valuable gift is often very practical. As mentioned in "Aesthetics of Design", people-oriented design concepts can often analyze the needs, capabilities and behaviors of users and then produce products that meet people's actual needs. MEIZU's desktop storage set gift box, based on the actual needs of users, can store office supplies on the desktop.
meizu news

In terms of design, whether it is a gift or a product, MEIZUis used to starting from pragmatism. This also makes MEIZU leave a “small and beautiful” impression to many people. However, it is precisely because of the satisfaction of countless small needs and the accumulation of small designs that the "beauty and strong" has a stable origin and direction.

Hua Hailiang, vice president of MEIZU, previously said: MEIZU always has its own pursuit in product design and experience, and insists on doing what it thinks is right to the extreme. And making users more comfortable and more practical to meet user needs is one of the "right things".

Dialogue with temperature and values
Give a certain temperature and spirit to the product to attract a certain group or circle, and talk to users and consumers. From more and more complicated technology products to more and more intelligent supplies at home; from complex operation interfaces to continuously iterative models ... Modern life seems like an endless battle. It is also based on this situation that MEIZU may wish to convey a "Less is better" attitude through this gift.

From the actions of MEIZU in 2019, users can also vaguely feel the values and direction of MEIZU brand. Hua Hailiang also previously revealed that MEIZU has reorganized its product line in 2019, focusing on mid-to-high end, and insisting on high-quality and differentiated product lines. MEIZU will be "All in 5G" in 2020, and will launch MEIZU Acoustics, Pandaer, LIFEME, etc. ...

Brand innovation lies in symbolic value
In addition to the use value of a good gift, product and brand, it also needs to express symbolic value through a strong spirit of innovation. What is the spirit of innovation? People usually think of innovation as a radical change that is completely subverted. In fact, the most common and influential innovation is a small incremental innovation. For products and brands, it may not be just pursuing newer concepts and higher rankings. On the contrary, we should pay more attention to the small details such as objects and materials, and pay attention to how the objects work and the mechanism of interaction between people and objects.MEIZU's New Year storage set boldly tried the concrete material, which is a reflection of innovation to a certain extent.
meizu news

MEIZU has shifted from a leader in the global MP3 player industry to researching and developing Internet smartphones, bringing and promoting the advancement of Android for the domestic smartphone market, and has always insisted on seeking the power of product upgrades and industry advancement from user needs; from the ultimate pursuit of 0.07 mm to 1% Seleted for 100% Efforts attitude, and all innovations are reflected in the user's pursuit of beauty and user experience.

A gift is essentially a product; behind a product is a brand. A pleasing gift often has the same logic as a product or brand. Not only need to start from user needs, to bring a sense of life to the brand through "use value", but also to find suitable values with temperature to give "symbol value". At the same time, we need to pay attention to those small and progressive innovation details and seek new breakthroughs.In the new year, we hope MEIZU can really get rid of clutter and reconstruct order.