On March 3, 2021, the new MEIZU 18 series was officially announced, including two flagship phones: MEIZU 18 and MEIZU 18 Pro. So what is their performance? Is it worth waiting for so many days? Today let’s learn more about the MEIZU 18 series together.
meizu 18 review

2K+120Hz Four Curve Micro Arc Screen
MEIZU 18 is equipped with a 6.2-inch Samsung Super AMOLED screen, which not only has a resolution of 3200*1440, a saturation of 5000000:1, and a screen pixel density of 563PPi, it has also passed HDR10+ certification. In addition, Samsung’s original and exclusive SuperAMOLED display not only lowers energy consumption, but also achieves a peak brightness of 1300nit, so it is not a problem to play with mobile phones easily under strong outdoor light.
meizu 18 review

The MEIZU 18 series supports 120Hz high refresh rate + 240Hz screen sampling rate, and high resolution means more delicate actual effects. We can choose between 60Hz and QHD+ mode, but if we are used to the fluency of high refresh rate screens, we can also choose two combination modes of 120Hz+FHD+ and 90Hz+FHD+ to balance smoothness and power consumption.
meizu 18 review

MEIZU’s 18 years——The Hope of the Small Display Fans!
There are two main user groups for Android phones, and the "small screen fans" is one of them. MEIZU 18’s 6.23-inch four-slope micro-arc screen and ultra-thin light shell design make it become the welfare of many users who are pursuing flagship mobile phones with small screens.
meizu 18 review

From the MEIZU MX series to the Pro series and then to the data series, MEIZU has never changed its harsh selection of screens. This time, the MEIZU 18 series uses original Samsung SuperAMOLED screen, which not only provides more detailed practical effects, but also reduces power consumption by 15% compared to the previous generation E3.This means that the screen of MEIZU 18 is more powerful, more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
meizu 18 review

Snapdragon Processor 888CPU
MEIZU 18 is equipped with integrated IC Snapdragon processor 888, 5nmLPE process technology, maximum CPU frequency of 2.84GHz, plus LPDDR5 running memory and UFS3.1 flash memory, only reducing weight but ensuring quality.

After testing the three mainstream games of "Game For Peace", "CODM" and "Genshi Impact", GameBench detected that the output during the entire game was very stable, basically reaching 120 full frames. Even the "Genshi Impact" known as the CPU killer, the number of frames has not changed much.
meizu 18 review

The powerful hardware can't without the support of software . MEIZU 18's newly upgraded intelligent game engine –Hyper Gaming, which can retrieve game loads automatically and realize dynamic resource allocation, thereby further increasing the number of game frames and reducing power consumption.

It is also worth to mention that MEIZU's debugging of mEngine vibration motor can be said to have reached a perfect level.The MEIZU 18 is equipped with such a large-capacity vibration motor under a small-sized casing, so the overall performance is improved by 26% compared with the previous generation.Not only the vibration effect of typing is real, but also the feedback of the game shock is very neat, and combined with the surround sound dual speakers, it brings a perfect sense of game immersion to consumers .

Mainstream Battery Life ——Say Goodbye to Anxiety
MEIZU 18 has a built-in 4000mAh rechargeable battery that supports 36W wired battery charging, while MEIZU 18Pro has a built-in 4500mAh rechargeable battery that supports 40W wired battery charging and 40W fast charging.
meizu 18 review

We made specific tests and found that after 30 minutes of playing the game in the case of the brightest interface and the maximum picture quality at 60fps for all applications, he power consumption of the MEIZU 18 series is very low.For example, Playing "Honour of Kings", MEIZU 18 power consumption reaches 12%, and MEIZU 18 Pro power consumption is 9%;Playing "Asphalt 9 Legends,", MEIZU 18 power consumption reaches 12%, and MEIZU 18 Pro power consumption is 10%;Playing "Game For Peace", MEIZU 18 power consumption reaches 14%, and MEIZU 18 Pro power consumption is 11%;While playing "Gen shi Impact", MEIZU 18 power consumption reaches 15%, and MEIZU 18 Pro power consumption is 12%.

It can be seen that the battery life of the MEIZU 18 Pro is really prominent,at the same time the overall power consumption of MEIZU 18 is still slightly higher than the MEIZU 18 Pro although MEIZU 18 has a smaller screen. But this does not mean that there is a problem with the battery life of MEIZU 18. In fact, the battery life shown by the MEIZU 18 is also at the mainstream level of small-screen mobile phones,and then it can be quickly charged with a 36W wired battery.This means it isn't a problem of the periodic battery life of the MEIZU 18.

Safer Flyme9 System
The day before the announcement of the MEIZU 18 series, MEIZU first announced the Flyme9 system, which is equipped with a simpler UI design and more efficient interactive technology. What is worth mentioning is the purity of the Flyme9 system and its insistence on protecting user privacy.

Purity means that the system has no ads, no push and no pre-installation. According to MEIZU's official statement, there will be no advertisements and pushes in any way for built-in applications since Flyme9. In addition, the notification function of system applications and third-party applications is turned off by default, and the dominant power is returned to the user, which greatly reduces the distress caused by various notifications. In terms of application permissions, Flyme9 also gives users sufficient autonomy. It is similar to iOS that various key permissions are in the control of users before using the application for the first time.
meizu 18 review
Each generation of MEIZU models has inherited their own perseverance and refuses to follow the trend.Although there are many voices of resistance and doubt, people have to admit that MEIZU's products have indeed attracted the eyes of consumers.
For example,the MEIZU 16 does not have a hole-digging screen, the MEIZU 17 has a perforated ring-shaped battery display, and the thinness and performanceof MEIZU 18 are both available.
meizu 18 review